Friday, 1 May 2015

Reflection after +- 3 Months usage of this software

Hello fellow investors!

Time for a little reflection after +- 3 months using this software.
The upside are:
1) I'm getting more comfortable with this investment
2) I'm now at a point that I'm probably not going to go under my initial deposit (unless there are some crazy market movements)
3)I don't feel I'm just another number for this company, they react swiftly to all of my questions(I know myself, and I can be verry annoying if I want to know something :) )
4) The moneymanagement is adjusted after each run (so when all of the positions get shut down).
5) I've seen a few big movements in the pair they currently use and they handled it all well (offcourse with ups and downs in the floating)

The downsides:
1)I noticed that I'm following this investment way more than my other ones, it just changes every day or even every hour.
2)The biggest downside is the rollercoaster of emotions, on good days you make allot of profits on bad days you see a bigger floating, it's something you get to get used to.
They also gave me a big tip on this, namely: don't follow it up everyday, but check in every week around the same time, in this way you'll recieve a clearer view of what's going on with the investment.
3)Why isn't this market open in the weekend so I could get more profits :)

This sums it up a bit.
I'm still new in this market, but I'm keen to dig deeper in order to understand every aspect of it.
I wish you all a great and productive weekend!


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