Monday, 18 May 2015

Results on 18-05-2015

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!
I've been to france this week in a place called la calloterie, to relax and enjoy some time of with some of my closest friends.
Now it's time to give you guys a new update on the progress of my account.
Here you'll see the results it's giving me:

The trading software and the team behind it still keeps on amazing me and I feel comfortable with the investment.
The growth of this investment is amazing and it's one of the first times I'm acctually letting my money compound in an High yielding software.
One piece of advice for everyone, if you're looking for investment software make sure there is a team at your disposal that's able to anwser your questions and keeps an eye on the software to give updates and adjustents of the strategies in order to generate profits.

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