Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Results on 05-05-2015

Hello dear co-investors!

For the first time since I'm using this software I have to say, I'm not entirly happy with the floating.
It rose to 2450 Euro, on the flipside the people of loop-strategy told me there would be great times/good times and times where the floating could rise (To bad I'm in the last period).
I'll have to sit this one out and give them the benefit of the doubt.
I'm seeing this as a long term investment, while other may see high yielding investments as a short term investment.
We'll see where this one goes but overall still very nice profits!
A balance of 14 828 Euro in a little bit under 3 months time isn't all to bad.
Here are some detailed numbers about the investment:

I'll try to give an update tommorow!

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