Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Results on 20-05-2015

Some news about the investment!
Dear readers of my investment journey.
As promised yesterday I'll give an update on the decrease of the float.
I was given a few options on how to decrease the float but they said it would all depend on the market conditions if it would decrease in a few days or a few weeks.
I could chose to just trade further and use all the balance profits in order to close down open positions or take some losses to speed up the process.
I'm going to chose the first option for now (If somewhere in the future I decide to chose the second option I'll let you guys know).
As you can see in the attached picture the floating went down a bit but the profits and equity still rose pretty nicely in one day!

It's the first time I can personally interact with a trading software and give my personal thoughts ofcourse it all depends if it's possible to do, but i get the feeling the team is willing to interact with it's clients (and that's a hughe plus for me).
Offcourse I don't need to pretend to have more experience and knowdledge than them but it's nice to see you're seen as a person instead of just another client.


  1. Hi. Jesse
    Thanks for your blog. I had a look at the loop website and I am considering using the software on my account. One question that I wanted to ask is. The rental fee for the software is paid by the monthly profits, the profit that you show on your account,is that net of fees or does the rental still have to be deducted. thanks

  2. They give two options.

    A) you can do it the way you described, so after each profit run they shut the software down and you need to pay their performance fee(before they turn the software back on), They do this bassicly for every US clients.


    B) If you're not an US resident, you can open an account with one of their prefered brokers and allow them to widen the spread with an aditional 3 pip, in this way they recieve their fee instantly and the account doesn't need to be shut down. (the widening is +- the same as the 30% profit share), the upside is the software doesn't need to be shut down and you have more trading days so a higher Return on Investment.

    I've chosen the second option.