Thursday, 30 April 2015

Results on 30-04-2015 a new update of this investment!

Due to the increasing decline of the pair my floating is rising again.
However it's still standing on +- 7% drawdown (this isn't all to bad considering the hefty fall of the pair).
I've noticed recently I've became a results addict, every night I want to know how this investment is doing, so I stay awake till 23.00 CET to watch the mail with the results :)
I also thought on downloading the platform so I could watch it whenever I want, but I don't think it'll be good for my other bussiness if I keep cheking my phone every 5 minutes..

In meanwhile I've learned allot from different forums and online courses and my trust in the software has even increased because the money management is very strict.
I've tried the course "school of pipsology" on
It's cool to start and understand the basics, but in the end the only thing that matters is the ROI (Return On Investment).

So here is the latest update of my investment:

A netto return of 4301 Euro (with the fees already deducted)!
In case you want to see a short video of the software feel free to check out:
Under the tab Strategy.


Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Results on 28-04-2015

After a short citytrip to Bruges I'm back home for a fresh update on my account managed by trading software.
Im glad to say all the money I spend on belgian beers have been earned back through my investment!
The balance rose to 13.952 Euro with a floating of 684 Euro.
I have to say I didn't expected that this investment would workout like it's working out now.
A return of +- 40% in 2 months and a half  with almost no drawdown isn't something I've encounterd allot in my investing journey.
Annyway here is the summary:

On a side note I have to say Bruges was a nice experience they call it the venice of Belgium and they have every right to call it this way (some nice belgian beer caf├ęs and romantic restaurants).

Friday, 24 April 2015

Results on 24-04-2015

Time for the last update of the week.
The markets have been moving quit allot the past few days and this resulted in some extra floating, but also extra profits.
The account balance is 13.580 Euro at the moment with a floating of 560.
Let's see where this goes!
Still verry decent profits in just 2 days.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Results on 22-04-2015

Two days since the last update.
The markets have been quit the past few days, so the results only slightly rose.
Still it's better to have a little rise of the results than a  decline!
I'm sitting on a balance of 13.141 Euro with a small floating of 42 not to bad considering I'm compounding so the lotsizes became bigger than in the beginning!
I'm still a happy investor and the software won over my trust completly!
I'm aware it will go in ups and downs, but the software manages to control it's drawdown and still have plenty of room to make good trades.
The win/loss ratio is 61% vs 39% with a biggest drawdown of 8.5%.
Enjoy the latest update:

Monday, 20 April 2015

Results on 20-04-2015

Another update on a lovely monday!
The software yet again positioned itself in the market, by shutting down all pending and open positions!
The balance dropped, but the floating disappeared and the equity rose to his highest point of 13.075 Euros, this gives me a hefthy return of 30.75% in 2 months and 1 week.
Of all my investments I did in the past I have to say this is one of the best, I'm aware of all the risks, but the software gives me enough opportunities to take out profits or lower my risk appetite.
Through all the convesations I had with the developpers and the support team I realised they are in here for the long run.
So I'm going to see where this brings me and let them do all of the work while I'm earning a nice aditional income.
I've been given the same choices as I had during the last shut down namely:
1) Take out all of the profits (no compounding)
2) Take out half of the profits and let the other half compound
3) don't take out profits and let it all compound.

I've chosen option 3 again.
Enough talking here are the latest results:

Enjoy the start of a fresh week!

Best Regards,

Friday, 17 April 2015

Results on 17-04-2015

Friday results day!
After observing the trading software for a whole week, I've noticed it's able to hold itself in an ranging market aswell as an trending market.
The float stays fairly steady, but the profits keep on increasing.
As you can see on the summary:

My investment has increased to 13.577 Euro in 2 months and one week time.
I have to admit it exceeded my expectations, but I can only be happy with this.
Feel free to send your comments or thoughts through email!

And have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Results on 15-04-2015

I've found some time today to post a new update on how my investment is going.
At the moment I'm happy with the progress, the balance keeps on increasing and the float stays the same.
So that means I'm making some good money!
The account sits now on a balance of 13.483 Euro and a floating of 1.130 Euro.
I've asked why the floating didn't increase or decreased over the past two days.
The anwser was that we're in a ranging market thanks to this, the profits and equity rises and the float stays the same.
Again I'm wondering where this will go, but I don't have to complain!
Here is the latest summary I've made:

To enlarge the picture just click on it.
I hope you enjoyed this update!


Monday, 13 April 2015

Results on 13-04-2015

A fresh start of a new week so I got a fresh update of the Results.
The balance of the account sits at 13.297 Euro, this grew allot if I compare it to last Friday.
The profit sits on 32,97% in just 2 months time.
The downside is that the floating also grew to it's highest point till now, however I'm not starting to panic yet, because the float keeps on fluctuating, it's a matter of time before the software shuts down all open positions and makes a fresh start with 0 float.
Still exiting to see how this software manages to flip a profit on a volatile market.
Here is the latest summary of my account:

In case you have anny comments feel free to contact me on my e-mail adress.
Happy investing to you!

Friday, 10 April 2015

Results on 10-04-2015

I'm using the software now for 2 months, yesterday I've updated the pro's and cons of this investment.
So today it's time to give an update on the results.
I started 12-02-2015 with 10.000 euro and currently the software made 26.36% of profits.
So my account stands on 12.636 Euro.
I decided to let the account compound, so I'm not gonna take out profits, I wanna see the true potential of this investment.
The people from who I rent this software gave me three options to continue.
1) Take out all of the profits (no compounding)
2) Take out half of the profits and let the other half compound
3) don't take out profits and let it all compound.

Lat's see where this takes me!
And now the results:

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Free demo and the pro's and cons of this investment software!

Hello I've been using the software for almost 2 months now.
So time for an update on my feelings and the way I look at this investment.

-If people are interested they are able to test out a demo or a free trial of this software to get familiar with the way this software operates.
-The software manages to hold on to a good money management (the floating isn't all to high even if the price runs away.)
-I get clear and structural anwsers from the people behind the software, I'm a person who likes to know allot and they don't mind anwsering all of my questions.
-The software also adaptes itself to the market, if the prices trend the software deletes the oposing orders.
Also if it's in a range I saw that the software just closes all the positions at some points (in this way I'm able to chose and take out the money or just compound it for even bigger profits).
-Each day around 23 CET I get a statement with all of the transactions made on that day (it looks the same as the pictures I post on my blog but also with all of the trades in detail.

- I want to buy this software, but I'm not able.. haha
- You'll need to do your own background search in order to find a broker that suits you.
-Another con is that you're also able to download a platform (So you can follow up what the software does second by second), but in this way you get adicted to the fluctuations of the price (not good if you have to focus on your dayjob), that's why I deleted it.
- At the moment I can't think of other cons, if I can think of others I'll write it in a new post.
You'll need to do your own background search in order to find a broker that suits you.

I wish you all a nice day!

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Results on 08-04-2015

Another day another update!
After a sligthly lower vollatility during the easter holydays it seems the software is heating up again.
The float remains relativly small and the profit increases, so that's something I have to cheer for.
My trust in the developers of the software is growing with the day, but I still keep in mind that it's possible we'll come into some less favourable market situations.
But hey, started with 10.000 euro's and now sitting on a profit of 2459 euro is not bad!
Enough talking here is the statement:

Now it's time for me to hit the gym and let this investment do all of the work!

Monday, 6 April 2015

Results on 06-04-2015

I hope everybody had a happy easter!
Like I thought the floating rised a bit but the balance also got a nice profit.
Wasn't to sure what effects the easter holydays would have on the software but it only seems to grow a bit slower, guessing the vollatility in the markets are lower on these days?
annyway still a nice profit, started with 10.000 Euro and now I'm having 12.284 Euro.
So a nice profit of 22.84% in 7 weeks.
I have to say I'm feeling a bit more confident with this software due to the fact it was able to withstand some bigger trends and still ends up with a good profit as you can see in the following statement:

Now it's time to enjoy some time with the familly!

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Results on 02-04-2015

A new update on a lovely thursday!
As I said before I was curious to see where the floating would go.
The software deleted almost all open and pending positions resulting in an equity profit.
So now I'm standing at 12.183 Euro, this is a return of 21.83% in 6 weeks.
I didn't expect this, but I somehow like it, the balance dropped a bit, but now the software can position itself in the market.
My expectations will be that the float rises again till a next suitable point for a shutdown.
I've done allot of investments into stocks and real esate but this one is more complicated (which is a good thing) I'll update you guys on how it's going!
Happy investing!