Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Results on 28-04-2015

After a short citytrip to Bruges I'm back home for a fresh update on my account managed by trading software.
Im glad to say all the money I spend on belgian beers have been earned back through my investment!
The balance rose to 13.952 Euro with a floating of 684 Euro.
I have to say I didn't expected that this investment would workout like it's working out now.
A return of +- 40% in 2 months and a half  with almost no drawdown isn't something I've encounterd allot in my investing journey.
Annyway here is the summary:

On a side note I have to say Bruges was a nice experience they call it the venice of Belgium and they have every right to call it this way (some nice belgian beer caf├ęs and romantic restaurants).

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