Friday, 10 April 2015

Results on 10-04-2015

I'm using the software now for 2 months, yesterday I've updated the pro's and cons of this investment.
So today it's time to give an update on the results.
I started 12-02-2015 with 10.000 euro and currently the software made 26.36% of profits.
So my account stands on 12.636 Euro.
I decided to let the account compound, so I'm not gonna take out profits, I wanna see the true potential of this investment.
The people from who I rent this software gave me three options to continue.
1) Take out all of the profits (no compounding)
2) Take out half of the profits and let the other half compound
3) don't take out profits and let it all compound.

Lat's see where this takes me!
And now the results:

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