Friday, 10 July 2015

This time it's different!

This quote gives me mixed feelings.
Everybody knows the feeling when an investment goes wrong and you decide to plunge right back in it and you say to yourself this time it's different.
Well to burst the bubble, if you haven't learnt anything from the loss you'll probably end up losing again.

A good example, I first started trading manually on my own behalf (I thought I had a solid system).
But then I made a few bad trades and lost a big chunk of my money, at this moment I decided to take a step back and withdrew the rest of my money.
A few days I've tried to figure out what has gone wrong.
I came to the conclusion, that my strategy just wasn't waterproof to work with the changing market conditions.

But the Foreign exchange market got me in his grip and I tried to figure out how to earn a piece of the pie.
As you can see in this picture, the market is the biggest in the world:

A big market means allot of people trying to figure out how to make profits on it.
There is a saying 95% of the people on this market losses his money.
So I'm glad at the moment I'm sitting with the 5% who earns a big profit on it.

The changing from trading manually to working with software was a big adjustment, but I'm glad I pushed through and started using the software of loop-strategy.

Later on I'll give a new update on how my account's performing.


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