Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Results on 15-07-2015

A new update of my trading software investment:

The account has grown to 18 158 Euro, this makes it a total of 81,58% net profit (the fees for the rent of the software are already deducted from these results).
These results have been made in a little more then 5 months.
People often use an excuse if something is to good to believe it's often is.
But I've done my research and if this is a scam I'm a terrible detective :)
For example:
-I have my own personal account.
-I'm the only one who's able to ad additional or withdraw funds (the account is connected to a bank account on m name).
-If I want to quit I simply change the passwords and their software isn't able to connect anymore.
-Most important of all are the results, in my case they don't lie.
-They are transparant in what they do (no hidden costs, have a good support if I have some questions, etc)



  1. Great effort man! I've got your LinkedIn note and will send you an email
    Keep up the good work, very interested to learn more :) i.e. if there's an option for Australians to join the platform

    1. Thanks man, I like to use this blog as a personal diary,
      I believe australians are allowed (because they work with Key to markets and they have a new zealand office),
      Nice to meet you!