Wednesday, 22 July 2015

How Trading software gets connected.

Hello readers,

I've recieved a few mails from people who asked me how I work with the software.
So I thought why not make a little blog post about it:
Now how it works is the following, if people want to work with the software they'll need to open an account with a broker the software is compatible with (loop-strategy will give you a list of brokers you can chose from).
Then you open a personal account on your own name, the only person who's able to withdraw or put aditional funds to this account is yourself (a hughe plus, because you're fully in control over your own account).
I've tried it and let my girlfriend withdraw money to her personal bank account, but it got rejected.

Once you opend your account you'll need to send your logins to loop-strategy and they'll put their software on your account.
So there is no need to let your pc run day and night for the software to work,
In case you decide to quit it's just simple, you change your passwords and the software isn't able to connect annymore.

In my eyes these are some great advantages, because you're not tied to a contract and you're able to use it for as long as you want.

In this way they operate on a highly transparant way, because they don't hold your money (this is done by the broker of your choice), and you're able to see the results day by day and make a choice to continue or stop using the software.



  1. Yes it's that simple, I like this way because I'm keeping full control over my money, whenever I decide to quit I can just withdraw my money..