Thursday, 2 July 2015

I never lose either I win or I learn!

I've always kept this quote in the back of my mind.
Like everyone in the hard world of investing, I've also lost money and gained money.
But I never felt sad when I lost money, because I knew I was learning some valuable lessons.
I tried to figure out a strategy in binary options (didn't work out well), after that I switched my focus to Forex, where I quickly learnt you'll need to have a solid strategy when you want to earn some big money in this market.

Somehow this market attracted me, so I kept searching for opportunities to make sure I was able to have profits.
When I came across this software and the impressive track record I just knew I learnt a new valuable lesson that works out the way I visualised it!
One of the important things is that my emotions are shut down, the biggest mistake manual traders make is letting emotions like fear and greed get in the way of logical thinking!

Feel free to leave a comment with your preference manual trading or trading using software!


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