Friday, 17 July 2015

Positive and negative things about the trading software


I'm using the software now for a little bit over 5 months.
so I thought it was a perfect time to give a review about the software.

Negative points:
-In rougher market circumstances I noticed the software has allot of positions, sometimes these positions stay open for a long time.

-The software is completely dependable on the speed and execution of the broker (so if there are price gaps or spread spikes the software has a hard time to put right positions to counter it).

-Their website is rubbish :)

So far these two points feel like the biggest downsides of the software.

Positive points:

-The compounding effect has to be one of the biggest upsides, thanks to this my account grows more rapidly.
Instead of 10-15% on 10,000 Euro I now have 10-15% profits on 18,000 Euros (that makes a big difference off course).

-I do feel the developers have their priorities straight, they rather put more effort into the software then updating or making their brand more appealing.

-In the picture (click to enlarge) you'll see what kind of market conditions the software survived during my 5 month usage.

The market switched from a ranging market in the beginning (ups and downs with good volatility) to a more trending market.
But software managed to adapt itself to overcome both markets and leave me with a profit.

-The support I get is also a good upside, if I have a question I'll get a quick response in a way it's understandable for someone who doesn't know everything on the Forex market.

For now I hope everybody going to enjoy his weekend!

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