Thursday, 18 June 2015

Wide diversifying is only needed if you don't know where to invest.

Another quote of Warren Buffet.
I see allot of people over diversifying their portfolio.
For me it's simple I invest a big chunk of my portfolio into this software another chunck into some real estate and a smaller chunck into some other opportunities that pass by.

I decided to take this approach after the horrible stories I've read about bank managers, running of with peoples money.
Using it on high risk/high reward investment but only give a small % of the profits to the people who take the risks.
Also a truly safe investment doesn't exist, there is always a risk attached to every investment opportunity.
If you don't believe this you'll end up losing money.

It's all about your personal mindset, to become rich you'll have to act and investment like someone who's rich.
Either you hae certain skills you can aply and make you money or you use wise investment choices to build up a great portfolio..

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