Monday, 1 June 2015

Believe in yourself and your judgements!

As for making decissions to invest in a product or market this is a quote you'll need to keep in mind.
Every person is different every investor profile is unique (Risk appetite, the amount you can invest, the returns you desire, are you an investor who rather invest in proven investment or are always looking for the next big thing, past experiences, etc).
I've recieved allot of tips in the past, some seemed to work out well other where just sales pitches.
But I always checked if the type of investment suited my needs.

In order to be succesfull you'll need to discover for yourselfs what market suits your needs.
Is it a slow profit over a longer period I would go for real estate.
A bit higher returns but also over a longer period I would go for established stocks in the stock market.
And high return in shorter periods I would say the forex market can be something for you (If you know what you're doing).

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