Thursday, 25 June 2015

Results on 25-06-2015

In this summarry of my account (to enlarge you can click on the picture) you'll see the steady progress the software's making for me at the moment.
The profits stand on 7293 Euro this makes it +- 17% each month.
It seems the compounding effect is starting to do it's job, so this is an aditional bonus.
These profits have been made with only 298 trades (+-3 trades per day) at a succes rate of 65%.

The monitoring aspect is a crucial part of this investment, I can honestly say I feel rather save letting my money managed by the people of loop-strategy.

At the moment they are trading USD/CAD the ups and downs in this pair are well suited for this strategy it seems.
I've been following allot of other traders the past few months, but it seems they aren't able to make steady profits in a longer time frame.
Before I started I asked loop-strategy for their trackrecord of at least 2 years, and the profits shown there are almost identical to my profits now (between 15 and 20 % each month).

As long as the profits stay higher as the losses I'm a happy man!

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