Monday, 29 June 2015

Update of results 29-06-2015

Again the software makes steady progress.
The account rose to 17.411 Euro that makes it an overall profit of 7411 Euro's in 4 months and a half.
If the software keeps on making these profits my money will be doubled in only 6 months time.

Now I'll have to make a decissions for myself either investing more money, withdrawing my initial deposit or keep on investing with this amount.

Most investments I've made turned out to be rollercoasters of emotions, if the price went up I felt happy, if the price went the other direction I felt bad.
That's why I decided to change my way of thinking and used software now.
Sometimes I still feel these emotions, but the profits keep on rising on a steady pace and I just have to trust the moneymanagers behind the software.

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