Monday, 8 June 2015

Update of results and quote

Hello Everybody,

I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did!
Now time for a new update on my results:
The balance stays around 16.200 Euro's the people of the support team warned me it could happen that the balance stayed on a hold for as long as I wanted the floating to decrease (they also use parts of the profits to decrease the floating)..
That's why I decided to let the system run free again, so now let's see what kind of profits it'll bring me.

It's still something I have difficulties with to let go.
I've been investing in this software for a few months now, and sometimes I didn't knew what kind of decissions the software was making, but in the end the software managed to make great trades.
That's why I'm convinced that emotions don't belong on todays markets.
If you invest go for it don't let fear or greed overpower you in the situations they are least welcome.
Stay faithfull to your strategy, system or market.

Otherwise we'll get stuck in an emotional rollercoaster!

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