Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Keep your emotions in balance!

A big part of being succesfull is keeping your emotions Fear and Greed in balance.
These two can let you make choices that aren't correctly if you look at it closer.

It's human nature to give in to emotions when doing bussiness or making investments.
When it's going good, you'll be wanting more and more but when you'll have a bad marketcondition your fears kick in and you start making wrong choices.

that's why I'm a big fan of trading software, because this allows you to take away the emotions in trading.

Here are the latest results of the recently (08-06-2017) started account with 10.000 euro.
Currently it's sitting at 14 025 Euro.
In the picture you'll find more details:

Feel free to contact them at info@loop-strategy.com they'll give you some more info on the system.


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