Monday, 8 February 2016

Trading with automated software to increase the profits.

Time for another update using trading software from

Currently the account sits on a balance of  12 257, so  an overal increase of 22.57% since I restarted my account with 10.000 Euro.
A big increase since yesterday!
As you can see the equity's also at a high level.

I've noticed the software has some build in saftey systems to make sure the losses don't affect the account all to much, so this is a big plus.
The take profits and stoplosses are also adjusted to the changing marketconditions, this allows the software to make a bigger % of profits then before.

In case you want to see how the software of Loop-Strategy works you're able to testr a demo trial version of their software so you can follow the results on a live base and see for yourselfs if the software works or not.
feel free to contact them on


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