Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Update on 10-11-2015

Time for another update using trading software from www.loop-strategy.com
The account grew to  10 551 Euro so an increase of 5,51%

The software made 120 trades since last week, it resulted in a balance loss but the equity grew to a new high!.

Still extremely happy with the results and I'll keep on posting these on a regular base.



  1. What do you mean when you say the equity is at a new high when there's been a slight loss?

  2. The equity is the balance without the floating. so if I decide to stop right now the equity is the amount I have left.
    When I can let the software run, then I'll be close to the balance.
    So equity is the money you have if you need to shut the account down with urgence, balance is the amount you have left over if you decide to wait with a shutdown untill the open positions are even.