Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Withdrawal and opening a new account.

Hello Bloggers,

I've received allot of questions of people expressing their concerns if I'm able to withdraw money and get it on my bank account.
We'll I decided to do the test and asked the people who manage the software to shut down the account,
As you can see on my account (click the picture to enlarge) I still had a floating of +- 5000 but all my positions where neutralised so it would take a while before the entire float is gone.

That's why I'm pulling the trigger and am happy to say I've withdrawn 16 705 euro out of the account (balance minus floating is the funds I've got).
So now I'll have to wait and see when the funds arrive at my bank account (according to the broker this takes 1-3 business days).
I'm planning to open a new account with the other broker their software's compatible with and start over with 10,000 Euro.
So my actual risk is decreased to 3295 Euro.
I've felt it's time to check out the other broker and diversify my funds a bit more in order to stay true to my philosophy.

I'll keep you guys updated on how things are going!


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