Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Results on 30-09-2015

As promised I'll keep you updated  on the downgrading of the floating.
The floating again cut down with almost 1,000 Euro and the balance grew a bit to 20 900 Euro's.
Of all the 817 trades 83,48% are positive and the rest negative.
It's nice to see the progress on a long term.
On this picture you can see some more details about my account.



  1. what are your thoughts about commodity investments. particularly, the commodity COFFEE it is at records lows and SUGAR is also floating towards record lows. what are your thoughts...?

  2. Commodity investments can be profitable, but you'll need to keep a close eye on the things that can affect your comodity, like the suply of sugar and how the comodity's produced (can it be affected by the weather) there are allot of variables that you'll need to keep in mind to have a succesfull strategy!

  3. What are all the documents I have to hand-over to lawyer, so that he will have clean check up on document part?
    investing in singapore

  4. Mr smith, could you please elabortate yourself a bit more, because I don't understand the question?