Monday, 24 August 2015

The biggest enemy is your own emotion!

It's been a while, but I feel the time is ready to throw in another quote.
As stated in the picture, our own emotions are a bigger enemy to successfully invest than the market we operate on.

I've seen it happen allot, people start trading (manually) and as soon as their first few trades are positive they'll feel immortal.
Once they lose a few trades they are pulled back down to earth and start questioning their strategy.
It's a human roller coaster that everybody has gone through in their personal life or professional life.

Like I see it people have two different options, either they make rules and never break these rules or they use a software that shuts down the emotions.

Obviously I chose the second one, and it worked out well for me.
My capital doubled in a bit over 6 months.
One thing I liked the most about the software is that it has concurred allot of different market situations.
In the six months using this software I've seen a trending market, but also a ranging market.

Excited to see how the software's going to tackle the next hurdle.


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