Monday, 23 March 2015

The start of my journey

In all of my years of investing my hard earned money I’ve seen allot of good and allot of bad opportunities.
I’m always on the look for new opportunities and if they suit my investigations and requirements I test it.
At the moment I’m using software that is able to make nice profits on a personal account in my own name.

I'll give the pro's and cons in a nutshell:
The pros:
1)The software is able to generate huge profits (I'll try to update my summaries 2 times a week)
2)I have full control over the account (it’s not possible someone else takes money out of my account)
3)I can stop whenever I want (this is one of my key requirements!) because I have the full authority over my own account.
4)In case I have some questions there is always a team stand by who tries (I’m still a newbie in this field so some words are like Chinese to me.) to answer my questions furthermore this team also keeps an eye on the software (also a huge plus).
5)The software doesn’t have any emotions, so it isn’t bothered with the fear and greed manual traders have.

The Cons:
1)Sometimes it’s hard to follow what the software does (but as long as the profits are there in the long run the software is right J )
2)Like every investments you’ll need to be aware of the risks (Investments like these aren’t 100% guaranteed, but after chatting for a longer period with the support team of the software I understand the risks and decided to take the leap of faith).
3)And last but not least (I’m still trying to figure out for myself if it’s a con or pro) I'm not able to buy the software but I'm only able to rent the software for a part of the profit.

Best Regards,